Stay Back 6ft

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Washable. Antimicrobial. Masks made in Baltimore. And a good reminder to Stay 6 ft Back, please!


Unlike most cotton cloth masks, US Made Safe's cough suppressor masks include two antimicrobial inner layers for maximum filtration against airborne germs. They are composed of two outer layers of cotton and/or bamboo, designed to provide softness and comfort against your face. The most important are is the inner layer: one inner   is a silver infused cloth layer typically used as an antimicrobial cleaning product. This design is based on the Korean model and developed by Sew Lab USA and Nightmare Graphics.


- Triple-layer Protection (base layer, trap layer, filter layer)
- Anti-microbial, silver infused filter nylon
- Soft fabric layer against the face 
- Customizable Strap for maximum protection yet gentle for comfort and convenience
- Machine washable (warm water)
- Provides respiratory protection against most airborne contaminants
- US Army Tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Note: Is not anti-viral, not FDA approved, or an N95 mask,  but will provide reliable respiratory protection against most contaminants.